Day-to-day employment law advice

Our day-to-day employment law advice services include:

  • Employment and director agreements
  • Managing director agreements
  • Terms of employment and amending terms of employment
  • Collective labour agreement matters
  • Non-discrimination and equal treatment matters
  • Working time and annual holiday matters
  • Family leave, social security, pension and benefits matters
  • Data protection and privacy matters
  • Use of external labour force
  • International employment relationships
  • Terminations of employment and procedures related thereto
  • Non-disclosure, non-solicitation and non-competition matters
Employment Disputes

We have wide experience in advising and representing employers in all kinds of employment disputes, negotiations and litigation and arbitration procedures.

Our employment disputes services include:

  • Disputes and negotiations during employment relationship
  • Disputes and negotiations concerning termination of employment
  • Disputes concerning allegations of discrimination and non-equal treatment
  • Disputes concerning co-operation procedures
  • Negotiating settlements and drafting termination agreements
  • Arbitration proceedings as attorneys as well as arbitrators
  • Disputes before the Labour Court
  • Civil and criminal cases relating to employment relationship
Restructuring and co-operation

We have extensive practical experience in planning and carrying out even the largest employment related restructuring and co-operation processes. Thus, we are able to deliver smooth and practical solutions from start to finish.

Our restructuring and co-operation services include:

  • Planning and implementing restructuring measures
  • Scheduling and planning co-operation procedures
  • Drafting co-operation procedure documentation
  • Hands-on support when implementing co-operation procedures
  • Training of executives and superiors
  • Planning, implementation and support regarding personnel effects after restructuring measures
  • We also advise and provide our services regarding other employers’ co-operation obligations such as annual information obligations and general plans and principles.
M&A, outsourcing and other business transactions

We have extensive experience in identifying all necessary employment issues, obligations and possible risks related to domestic and cross-border mergers & acquisitions, large scale outsourcing projects and transfers of undertaking.

Our services in M&A, outsourcing and other business transaction projects include:

  • Due diligence reviews regarding employment, pension and benefit matters
  • Employee liability matters
  • Social insurance matters
  • Personnel effects arising from business transactions
  • Employer obligations regarding transactions
  • Amending terms of employment and director agreements
Occupational Health & Safety

We advise our clients in occupational health & safety issues. We have hands-on experience in advising employers and corporate management in occupational health & safety issues.

Our occupational health & safety services include:

  • Day-to-day advice
  • Representation towards occupational health & safety authorities
  • Criminal and civil cases relating to occupational safety and health issues
Employment related criminal procedures

We have wide experience in assisting employers and management in employment related criminal procedures such as occupational health and safety cases and employee misconduct cases.

Our services include:

  • Preparing reports of suspected offences and requests for criminal investigation on behalf of the employer
  • Assisting defendants in criminal investigations
  • Assisting defendants in criminal trials